The club once again attended the South London Warlords Salute show. The 2023 show was the 50th anniversary show and there was a theme of “retro” games covering the last 50 years of wargaming.

The show seemed to be very busy after a quieter year last time, and I would be surprised if there wasn’t a record number of attendees.

We decided to run out a Mordheim board, a game which will be 24 years old this year and still gives us a lot of fun at the club. To augment Andy’s great boards (which are our “usual” games table) he added a new harbour section to act as a front piece and Gary and Martin helped by creating a hill section to sit at the back of the table. This was modelled to show a meteor had crashed into the hill – perhaps the source for Wyrdstone, an important element of the game?

We had many younger participants play the game throughout the day and I think they had a lot of fun. A large number of passers-by reminisced about playing the game 20 years ago 😀 and a few were interested to know that the rules are now available FoC on the web at

The game looked amazing and we were proud to have added to our Salute awards tally with the award for the best scenery, despite some strong competition.

Meanwhile, Dave was running another table in the “Lard Zone” previewing his General d’Armee 2 rules which should come out later this year.

By Simon