Musket fire

Each firing unit rolls 2D6 and apply modifiers and consults the casualty table below

Musketry ranges

Close order infantry 15cm [9″]
Square 5cm [3″]


Elite +1CD
Large battalion in line +1CD
4+ casualties -1
8+ casualties (large 10+) -2
Unformed -2 and inferior volley
Recruit or small battalion Inferior volley
Moved or lost fire discipline Inferior volley
In column or square Halve casualties


Infantry column at 5cm [3″] and firers are fresh +1CD
In square or massed infantry columns +2CD
Deployed battery or skirmishers -2
In cover -1 
Target is a BUA / strongpoint garrison Halve casualties

Casualty table

Superior volley (Elite / Veteran / British)

Standard volley (Line)

Inferior volley (Recruit / Moved / Lost FD / Unformed)

If a “natural” double 6 is rolled then refer to the Destiny! table