Infantry and cavalry 5CD
Cossacks 4CD
Artillery 3CD



Elite infantry or elite cavalry +1CD
Heavy cavalry +2CD
Formed lancers vs cavalry (except cuirassiers) +1CD
Formed lancers vs foot +2CD
Large unit (N/A if in column of companies, in square or a battery) +1CD
Small unit -1CD


General attached and Glory! (no benefit without Glory!). If attached and unit retires or retreats, take Risk to General test +1CD
Each morale grade above opponent / all opponents +1CD
Melee with élan +1CD
Infantry in attack column meleeing with élan +2CD
4+ casualties -1CD
8+ casualties (large 10+) -2CD
Artillery 4+ casualties -1CD
Artillery 6+ casualties (large 8+) -2CD


Unformed -1CD
Attacking BUA, 1st round only -1CD
Attacking strongpoint, redoubt or up a steep slope -1CD
Attacked in flank or rear (only negative CDs apply. Ignore all positive CD modifiers) -1CD
Artillery hit in flank or rear Disperse

Melee Results

Infantry vs Infantry / Artillery

Cavalry vs Cavalry

Cavalry vs Infantry / Artillery

Infantry vs BUA