Page weight

Just because I could – page weight for most pages has been reduced by about 30% by cleaning up the HTML that the WordPress editor had added. Enjoy!

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FAQ and Rule amendments added

David Brown’s FAQ and Rule Amendments have been added, with appropriate links at the bottom of each relevant page.

One bug was found in the charge results section and fixed.

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Feedback form

A feedback form has been added to the site. In the event that you find any errors please drop me a note with the details.

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New video added

A new video by Dave and Reisswitz Press has been added to the videos section covering FAQ – Rules play through and tactics

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Site launch

First links were posted publicising the site to the GdA forums.

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This site is designed as a digital quick reference sheet for the General d’Armee rules written by David Brown. It was specifically designed for mobile device. Now the rules are always in your pocket.

Be lucky!

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