Artillery fire

Each firing unit rolls 2D6 and apply modifiers and consults the casualty table below

Artillery ranges

3-4 pdr guns

Close (canister) 20cm [12″]
Effective 20-35cm [21″]
Long 35-75cm [50″]

6-9 pdr guns

Close (canister) 20cm [12″]
Effective 20-40cm [24″]
Long 35-85cm [55″]

12 pdr guns

Close (canister) 25cm [15″]
Effective 25-50cm [30″]
Long 50-100cm [65″]


Assault fire ADC tasking
Large battery firing canister
Elite battery inflicts +1CD if it inflicts a Discipline test
4+ casualties -1
6+ casualties (large 8+) -2
Moved -2
Unlimbered -2
Unformed -2
Low on ammunition -2


Column target at effective / close range +1CD
In square or massed infantry columns +2CD
Deployed battery or skirmishers -2
In cover -1 
Target is a BUA or strongpoint garrison Halve casualties

Casualty tables

Close range

Effective range

Long range

Bounce Through – Any unit within 10cm [6″] directly behind the target suffers 1CD

If a “Natural” double 1 is rolled then the battery goes low on ammunition

If a “Natural” double 6 is rolled then refer to the Risk to General table