General d'Armee News Trips

Quatre Bras (in Writtle)

A highly enjoyable game at the Essex Warriors venue in Writtle at the weekend with a good turn out of LSF players (and friends) enjoying a Quatre Bras scenario presented by David Brown and using his General d’Armee rules.

In the end the French attack was stopped before it could reach the crossroad – we just couldn’t get there quick enough!

Quatre Bras in full swing, the French front line is moving up to engage the initial Allied formations of Brunswick and Bylandt.

Gemioncourt falls to the French,

Lancers move up the threaten the Nassuers.

Picton arrives to shore up the beleaguered Allies!

They are coming on in the same old style!

The Nassuers are pushed back!

A brave Brunswick general leads forward his skirmishers!

Kellerman arrives!

Picton fully deployed.

The final French attack!

Hobby Trips

Waterloo exhibit at Prince August

I visited the Waterloo exhibit at the Prince August factory in Cork last week and was amazed to see the Waterloo exhibit  they have there. It was built by a German guy apparently who cast and painted over 15,000 figures for it. I understand he may be working on an extension to add Hougoumont. If you are ever in the area it is definitely worth a visit.

also picked up the Waterloo chess set to cast myself 🙂

News Trips

Arnhem – club trip 2010

A bunch of us went over to Arnhem for a couple of days and visited 2-3 huge WW2 museums, went to the bridges themselves and had a few beers. Lots of pictures…


Leipzig – Club trip 2009

A small selection of photographs from a great trip. There are lots more in the old photo gallery pages.