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Sunday games days (2018)

This will include a couple of GdA games (one on Waterloo day!) and a Pickett’s charge game.

WW2 games are likely to be Chain of Command unless Dave can get his new WW2 rules finished by the end of the year.

Everyone welcome – but please let us know if you are interested so we have an idea of numbers.

Saturday 14th April – SALUTE demo game
Sunday 22nd April – Sunday game day (GDA + WW2)
Sunday 17th June Sunday game day (GDA)
Sunday 19th August Sunday game day (ACW + WW2)
Sunday 21st October SELWG demo game
Sunday 16th December (TBC)

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General de Brigade News SELWG Shows

Loughton Strike Force at SELWG

We had another run out of the Waterloo game at SELWG and they were kind enough to award us the prize for Best Demonstration game. The game focused on the attack of the French Guard – but unlike Salute where we played it historically, this time we played it for real. Much more fun! … and the Guard reached the British lines in decent shape.

Extra big thanks to Doug and Andy for doing so much work to put on the game.

I’m sure Mr Brown will be describing it as a “Winning draw to the French!” although Andy and Doug might take issue with that.