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Stanbograd (Stalingrad game)

Many months ago, probably just after Salute 2019, Martin decided he was going to “do” Stalingrad properly for Salute 2020 and he set about the design and construction of the terrain as well as thinking about how we would play the game. The centrepiece would be the battle for Pavlov’s House.

The rules for the on-table game would be David Brown’s forthcoming “O Group” rules, which we planned to offer as a participation game on the day, but that would not address the significant challenge that the Soviet’s had in bringing troops across the Volga and into the battle. To build that into the scenario Martin decided to borrow some concepts from the boardgame Pavlov’s Houes by Dan Versson Games. The combination has now been tried and works extremely well.

Martin provided “work in progress” photos as he moved through the project. Phase 1 was the initial build.

Once the early builds were in place Martin started to lay out the main gaming area which if focused on the 2 apartment blocks and the mill behind them

Finally the pieces were taken to Gary’s house where the whole thing could be laid out and Gary then worked with Martin to add the park and other terrain features.

Martin is still working on the vignettes that will make the game even more special.

We hope to roll this game out at a show as soon as possible, perhaps the Colours show at Newbury. It may still make it to Salute – but that will be next year …

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Salute 2018 (General d’Armee)

We put on a small General d’Armee game to support the TooFatLardies and Reisswitz Press who has a stand at Salute. 

The picture shows d’Erlon’s attack against the Allied lines at Waterloo. 

A fun game which, unlike most demo games, almost felt like it reached a result!

Thanks to the many interested folks that stopped by to say “Hi” or ask about the rules. 


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Sunday games days (2018)

This will include a couple of GdA games (one on Waterloo day!) and a Pickett’s charge game.

WW2 games are likely to be Chain of Command unless Dave can get his new WW2 rules finished by the end of the year.

Everyone welcome – but please let us know if you are interested so we have an idea of numbers.

Saturday 14th April – SALUTE demo game
Sunday 22nd April – Sunday game day (GDA + WW2)
Sunday 17th June Sunday game day (GDA)
Sunday 19th August Sunday game day (ACW + WW2)
Sunday 21st October SELWG demo game
Sunday 16th December (TBC)

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General d'Armee Salute Shows

Dresden game at Salute 2017

The club put on a demo game for Dave Brown’s new General d’Armee rules at Salute. There is a great after action report and photos on the GdB forum.

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Winter War at Salute 2016

Yesterday at Salute the club put on a participation game (the first for many a year) and we had a lot of fun meeting some new people and chatting about our game – which was based around the Battle of Rate Road during the Winter War between Russia and Finland in 1939.

We tend to use Chain of Command for our Winter War games but we decided that those rules might take too long for a participation game so we ended up creating our own. The fact that we had also been playing Forbidden Island and Forbidden Desert definitely rubbed off a little and we ended up with quite a nice mechanism where the temperature randomly dropped during the game until it was too cold to fight – the visibility dropping at the same time to make the Finns get on and “mix it up” a little.

It seemed to go down well with most people that played it and I am sure it will have another outing this year – perhaps at Colours ?

Fantastic job by Martin on the terrain and Gary on the rules. Dave didn’t play but we still invited him for a curry afterwards.

Hot off the press, just received some more really nice photos from “Big John”. Thanks they look great !

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LSF @ Colours 2015

Pictures of the LSF game at Colours 2015 featuring figures and terrain by Richard Gillingham and rules by David Brown. Lovely figures Richard.

And a few pictures of Bruce Weigle’s snow terrain – so cool !!

General de Brigade News Salute Shows

Salute 2015

Doug and Andy put on a great game on the Loughton Strike Force table. Game was played using the GdB rules and the French got spanked.

Dave Brown’s pics HERE

… and some more pictures !


Battlegroup Panzergrenadier News Salute

Salute 2014 – Kursk gallery

Battlegroup Panzergrenadier News Salute

Salute 2014 – Kursk: Attack on Ponyri: 1943

Loughton Strike Force will be displaying Kursk: Attack on Ponyri: 1943 at Salute this Saturday.

We’ll be using the new PanzerGrenadier Deluxe WW2 rules.

So, please come along, take and look and feel free to ask any questions of the rules, figures and terrain.


General de Brigade News Salute Shows

Busaco – Salute 2010 game

Here are some picture of our terrific looking Busaco game fem Salute 2010.