Doug and Andy put on a great game on the Loughton Strike Force table. Game was played using the GdB rules and the French got spanked.

Dave Brown’s pics HERE

… and some more pictures !


Loughton Strike Force will be displaying Kursk: Attack on Ponyri: 1943 at Salute this Saturday.

We’ll be using the new PanzerGrenadier Deluxe WW2 rules.

So, please come along, take and look and feel free to ask any questions of the rules, figures and terrain.


A number of us  took part in a huge Salamanca games at the Wargames Holiday Centre – played using the General de Brigade rules and organised by David Brown. We all realised how badly the odds are stacked against the French in this particular battle and although a valiant effort was made the inevitable Allied victory was achieved.

The Allies try to break the French


A lot more pictures of the game can be viewed on the Wargames Holiday Centre website HERE


A great resource for terrain modellers who are looking for floor, wall and roofing effects

After a few problems with our previous site we are delighted to announce the launch of the new version. We hope you enjoy.

Martin’s fantastic Budapest game at the Cavalier show in 2011.

I’m moving some of the old picture gallery to the new site. This was a great looking Talavera game from 2010, played using General de Brigade rules.

A bunch of us went over to Arnhem for a couple of days and visited 2-3 huge WW2 museums, went to the bridges themselves and had a few beers. Lots of pictures…

Here are some picture of our terrific looking Busaco game fem Salute 2010.