Year: 2018

Austerlitz 2018 at the WHC

A terrific game last weekend at the Wargames Holiday Centre re-fighting the battle of Austerlitz. Result was a resounding French victory (again). Hope you enjoy the pictures which give a feel for the action. Rules were, of course, General d’Armee

New GdA video

Dave Brown and Reisswitz Press have put out a new video covering rules and tactics including a play through and FAQ. Definitely worth a view if you like the GdA rules. link

General d’Armee QRS

Proud to announce the launch of an online QRS for General d’Armee which was specifically designed for mobile devices (but can also be accessed on a PC). You can access the General d’Armee QRS at :  It would be

Quatre Bras (in Writtle)

A highly enjoyable game at the Essex Warriors venue in Writtle at the weekend with a good turn out of LSF players (and friends) enjoying a Quatre Bras scenario presented by David Brown and using his General d’Armee rules. In

New (old) venue

With immediate effect, the club has returned to meeting at the Loughton Club at 8 Station Road, Loughton, Essex IG10 4NX. We meet in the upstairs bar and there is plenty of room and much-improved lighting!

Club dates

The club night has changed to Wednesday evenings at the RBL Club, Loughton. We also have some planned Sunday games : June            –      17th August        –      19th October

Salute 2018 (General d’Armee)

We put on a small General d’Armee game to support the TooFatLardies and Reisswitz Press who has a stand at Salute.  The picture shows d’Erlon’s attack against the Allied lines at Waterloo.  A fun game which, unlike most demo games,

Sunday games days (2018)

This will include a couple of GdA games (one on Waterloo day!) and a Pickett’s charge game. WW2 games are likely to be Chain of Command unless Dave can get his new WW2 rules finished by the end of the